Hokei "Don't go" LADO ABC

Piotr Bukowski – guitar
Igor Nikiforow – drums, vocal, synth
Tomek Popowski – drums
Kuba Ziołek – vocal, bass, synth

The geometry of experimental post-rock and noise in 1990's have left quite an inheritance and influences more and more people of even younger, considering age, generations of musicians. Hokei consists of younger and older musicians, in their own respects as experienced as you can imagine. And here they come with their debut album - a set of rhythmically driven songs with dramatic and yet very lyrical vocals.
Hokei is a very refreshing thump taken out of quite stale formula of math rocky lineary path but driven with such intensity and enthusiasm that you cannot really underrate it and reject as it is. Piotr Bukowski has done an extremely difficult job when it comes to bring space to dusty platitude and envigorate it with passion for music along with ever-over-active Kuba and Tomek as well as Igor who keeps the solid bass foundations.
Tense blasts of guitar textures driven by bass/drums post-hard core syntax with embedded synth backgrounds and ever-expanding guitar work give a great feeling of density and melodious breakdowns bring the lyricism out of scorchy intestines.


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