Ninkyo Dantai by Rafał Kołacki

I guess this material so far is probably one of the nicest surprises I got in 2014.
I knew Rafał Kołacki before as he worked with Hati ensemble which is widely active within the post-industrial idiom of rhythmagick.
But Rafał doesn't cut off the tags off the well-trodden path instead re-inventing his own formula of post-industrial experimentalism merged anew with new impulses and new energy.
The intro track brings on profound sounding evocation which to me sounds super interesting and highly encouraging if I may say so - it has this distinctive feel of almost organically composed psychodelic soundtrack. The following part gets even more and more interesting with cut-up radio work blend of highly narrative voiceovers  from documentary movies or other sources and magma of electronic pulses and sythesized drama of tension and synactic elements.
Rafał as an experienced musician gives a set which isn't by any means repetoire of utter convention but rather helps us with getting into inside of his basic concept idea which lies behind the material - may sound trivial as it is but it is still valid - the theorem of technological limbo taking control of mass consciousness which reverbated in all messages of counter cultural endeavours since Thoreau up to a different context setting - now in post-post-modern times.
Very sharp material with a message- do you need more? I hope Rafał will develop his solo idea into viable means of his imaginative approach to music as such.


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