Offering Rites/Event 1
Central Saint Martins UAL, Granary Building
1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA
Studio Theatre
Monday 31 March 2014 6.30pm (exact time), free admission

Charles Hayward, Jennifer Allum, Lore Lixenberg, Anton Lukoszevieze, Daniel Jackson, Adam Bohman, Pierre Berthet, Edwina Ashton, Rie Nakajima and David Toop

Granary Building was hosting yesterday's night a very interesting event presenting 10 performers from diverse backgrounds. The show started with This Heat's legend Charles Hayward marching on with hissy snare drum solo intricate and yet very minimalistic drumming which lead on the guests by the bread crumb trail of electronic DIY toys by Rie Nakajima wriggling on the floor straight to the studio theatre room where Pierre Berthet was waiting with his elaborate live action installment of intricate hoover - I felt that this is definitely start of something larger and enjoyed this bit a lot as very ingenious and simple as it might have seemed but requiring great attention. Next minimalistic set of Lore Lixenberg's voice and Anton Lukoszevieze playing cello had a steady narrative to it and with Lore slowly walking through the room it was embraced in a very theatrical way so to speak. Adam Bohman of Bohman bros this time gave  a scratchy outlet of curiosities a second chance with him sweating off every possible way to get the junk speaking in a way he mastered perfectly. The next step was a joint combo of Edwina Ashton and Daniel Ashton and another artist whose name I couldn't find in the line up list making very simplistic digitalised game which was nice visually but I intentionally took as a breather. Jennifer Allum who played solo violin was on the other hand really deep experience - her sonorous introduction made way towards more narrative and tonal or semi-tonal themes which were very interesting and involving. David Toop with Rie gave a steady and quite conservative flow of guitar overtones and feedback and wriggling show of DIY insect world. The show was finalised by a cat drama of masked mimes and Charles Hayward again walking with electrified and amplified push chair singing and playing keys and wind instrument. It felt like a minute theatre of distant waves of emotions, longing put in a puzzle of repeated phrases which were slowly growing in meaningful phases until Charles left.
A really great show which I enjoyed. Thank you


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