Motor City by Dat Rayon

"Motor city" is a special release in Zoharum's catalogue. It doesn't conform to post-industrial genre that in different forms this accomplished record label publishes - it's closer to post-techno dub in deconstructionist verse of rhythmadelic minimalism of defined punctuation and close-up of cold human neurotic urban miasma.
Ballardian as it may be - a dystopian hybrid of intense glitchy micro-climaxes give the feel of life reduced to electric pulses between the synapses induced into some sort of mute rite of dead, soulless dance of throbbing remains.
Dedicated to infamous Detroit, US is a great metaphor of the junkyard that slowly covers the face of the planet - defunct and derelict playground of poverty, ghosts of the grandeur now exctinct, sobbering awareness of decay.
I like the sound in this cd - its sombre flux of subtle energy with shots and outbursts of something yet not discovered - drilling through the layer of un-orthodox post-techno which bears the ingenuity of late 90's yet it doesn't replicate  it at all.


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