1724 trio "escaped fragments"

I definitely feel less accustomed and familiar with jazz/post-jazz/jazz -related musicians as I seldom dig through the massive amount of excellent records and  read bios of composers who have academic degrees but since I knew Tomasz's 100nka project which I really love as it has great quality to it and redefines the yass movement inheritance I took my chance to get to know 1724 and I instantly sighed with amazement how rich the textures here are and how much energy those musicians have. Yes, true. There is so much sonorism bit to it which I don't really dig these days as I less pay attention to the form while I get to listen to some materials which anticipate this element but ....well...WOW!
Luca, Emil and Tomek have so much to say and even the usual context of their descendance might drive me into the clichee juxtapositions but let's leave it behind - we certainly have a great material composed by 3 self-aware, technically superb musicians who keep their ride diverse and edgy straying away from the "easy-listening" aspect of jazzy improvisations. The tracks have a very intense character thanks to violin taking the lead and guitar producing uncanny world of ambience and improvised noise with certain deal of lyricism eaten and beaten up by strumming and finger licking picking crosss-overed with cymbals and percussive drives that help to follow the trails of broken themes who come up again and again in different verses. I  must say it's been a very refreshing listening and even though I am not sure if this cd is quite personally the one I will be coming back and again - I definitely feel it's a masterpiece not to be overlooked, a great evidence of ingenuine crossover of composition and improvisation, electronic, electric and acoustic innuendo to defy self-referential jazz idioms that need refreshing very badly. Excellent work!


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