Berlin as always proves itself to be one of the greatest lair of creative oddities making the stance of experimental grime post-industrial coming back to the rotten, thriving with authenticity core.
Cassettes as such making their grandiose resurgence make me feel like I am back again in the heyday of DIY era and at the same time require more focus and persistence than mp3s or even cds which is after all great because the process of listening should be something that is not merely a background soundtrack but unique experience.
So here they come - The Walking Korpses - crude with solid bass guitar base whizzling with screeches, narrative grimoires of every day horror, pavement weed poetry, stench of the forgotten bed insides, a post-industrial graffitti of viscerous urban cancer, squats of terrordome and flickets of spores living in your veins.
Unique feeling about this modest cassette is that there is a spirit of crude partisans coup here mingled with something that brings back the group spirit of the underground that I guess has been long gone, a guerrila of sound devoid of any fake drama and clichee or over-intelectualised bleakness - it just gives the raw power which is set deep in 1980's yet sounds extremely fresh and vivid.
Excellent material from the combo of collective hive mind...


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