Kangding Ray - Solens Arc

David Lettelier who is responsible for project Kanding Ray worked with Raster Noton label who released this excellent material before. The "Stabil" album brought quite mellow harmonies which is quite surprising for Raster Noton. An even number of tracks which I guess is partly because it is divided into four sets as it would be released on double vinyl record - divided into arcs has set a time frame to this very linear and narrative sounds that have achieved a very high level of minimalistic elaboration - crunchy beats with synthesised passages of the climaxing soundscapes. A truly Ballardian journey into mechanism of structured social psychosis and somewhat derivative of post-industrial electro that blinks in the dark as the phantom power light.
There is also a very elusive and non-referential sense of pomposity that doesn't go into kitchy terrain of some trivial platitude - David succesfully knows how to avoid this stuff.
It seems like it might be a post-techno album which Raster Noton has gracefully got the habit of releasing but there is definitely more to it than just this. Really worth listening!


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