Reinhold Friedl and Franck Vigroux - Tobel

Contemporary music has its shortcuts and also has its river crosses. The metrum and the timing as the part of the scenario seems to be a counterpoint to a wholly improvised pieces that fumble along the free-improv world.
Friedl and Vigroux have embellished those two elements in a refined, clean-cut craft that has so much capacity for any idioms possible like composed contemporary, ambience ( not ambient) music, electroacoustic composition and others. A sensible crash and crossing bridges between deeply elaborate acoustic movements and withdrawn, mindfully processed electronics where both artists blend like the two pieces of one - having that in mind you cannot really distinguish it as it works on the same level - not overdoing, not overshadowing, having the great timing in responce and composing the movements as "if" and efortlessly picking up the momentums... all in one go - 36'10''.


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