Sawako -

Another female artist published by Baskaru who delivers high quality sounds.
Sawako - a japanese artist with impressive background in music and sound design could be easily associated with drone ambient, field recording file but in this very material she has but everything that could classify it as such. Yes, there is an ethereal wall of dense sound that it might be deemed as something more or less ambiental but there is so much more to it and foremostly all is done with such effortless grace that you might ask how so many elements can be put into one.
Gentlity of piano samples with somewhat less obvious when it comes to mapping, field recorded sounds of environment. There is no dominant tone in all the tracks as they tread along seemingly humlessly, noiselessly but still there you find yourself with the the richness of sound - sumptous effort of finding the right source material that happens to give some really excellent results as with conscious way of leading the brushstroke. This microworld of sounds prevails with elegance and professionalism - has all the qualities of great sound art and yet there is so much more than just cold and sterile piece.


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