Thaw by Desiderii Marginis

Being creative and at the same time not puting yourself into a stance of over-indulging to your own drive of publishing every single output of what you do is very special when you consider who much creativity is not driven along way by the self-critical reassurance that definitely helps to shape what you do in a more sophisticated way so that not much energy is actually being wasted on too little themes and subjects itself to more organized way of perceiving your artist's way.
Tricky terrain as such as ambient music is very vast space to be filled with too many self-referential artists who trying to keep their audience's attention strive to keep to very narrow niche which tends to be the clichee - as if it wouldn't be more benefitial for them to break out of the rule and try something different. Insecurity is the cardinal sin of many artists who are not really in sync with wider vision of music - as a spouse of all arts.
Johan Levy succesfuly has overriden all these traps that dark ambient seems to set upfront of every person trying to follow the genre blessed by introvertic audience who feedback their "dark" emotions with narrowing the genre choice - turning themselves towards generic value.
His textures are far from repetitory and adding a bit of squelchy, glitchous beats just for good measure is spicing things up just right. There is no weak point here - it's still ambient so you need to tune yourself into it by specific surrounding be it inner or external asset of your own room or anything that comes in handy as for the intimacy but it helps a great deal to know that Johan did a great work and never put himself into the position of  just another "ambient artist" - whatever this term stands for.


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