I remembered Laurent Perrier as a man behind post-industrial Nox and his store/label Odd Size. He has been active ever since on a very different platforms which include breakbeat/electronica project Cape Fear and other project called Zonk -what strikes me most is as every expenading universe of sounds he has been trying different approaches never stopping himself into just one thing which brings me to the next point of Platforme #1. Now he is playing under different aliases (Zonk't, Pylône, Heal, Cape Fear, LP) using his own video materials.
The idea of the material here is to use the sounds which were contributed by different artist - and as strange as it may seem - there is a truly differentiatied choice - Felix Kubin, Lawrence English and Gianluca Becuzzi.
3 different approaches which steered Laurent to create 3 different amalgams. Felix Kubin's sounds are very flashy and have this edge of retro Eastern German electronica with boundaries within electropop and wide reference of subjects towards experimenting with beat and synthesized phrases. He modulated those into hissy and squelchy soundtrack of deconstructive buzzy sprawl.
Australian sound design monger and 12k label owner Lawrence English always strikes me with sophisticated approach towards conondrum of processing the sound showcasing both erudite spirit and very sly strategy for presenting it as a novelty with ever-layering theoretical methodology of building his own idiom of it. Laurent takes on this to create ambience of droney squirmish - very linear and evocative.
Gianluca Becuzzi's are probably my favourite ones - a echo- bent glitchy structures in a shape of delusional labirynth soaked in rain of micro-bursts leave the whole cd finished as a perfect soundtrack for any ears.


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