Noël Akchoté - Zion Swang

Shrewd influx of intelectual energy can do miracles when you think of assemblage of idiomatic elements of an genre that cannot be easily translated into experiments within free improvisation and lead it into alchemical gold.
Noël hits it off again inna dubamatic style - soft, reverberated sound of the album catches the margins of the fuzzed out strays in "Roots Shuffle" swinging the dubbattery in "Ride in Dub". The whole material keeps certain stance of the cross-over of modern dub which itself as an outlet and a background is not straying too much into experiment - as you would expect in case of deep electronic dub of Chain Reaction brand but keeps it steady base which can help the protagonist and maestro to create almost visual aura of laid back rastafari transcendence into layful, benign and ironic experiment which can be treated both of something close to "easy-listening" without sharp edges of nailing it off either towards the path of dark dub or fuzztoned experience.
It only seems like middle of the road, and self-referential but the background that echoes some sort of easiness is elusive and as usual with  Noël's eruditiveness a story telling narrative with only illusion of linearity. Backgrounds make foregrounds and easily swapped can lead you somewhere else than you normally expect. Helluva job I must say - to use idiomatic stance and very gentle irony and not to overdo it.


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