Asi Mina "Biało"

Asi Mina is a solo project of Joanna Bronisławska -polish sound artist, sister of Wojtek Kucharczyk, MIK music family. Her new material is a amalgam of different elements such as a singer/songwriter file/ an acusmatic radio soundscape, a tribute to polish poet Miron Białoszewski and his life's work and sound poetry experiment.
As she says the radio sound art was the form that she grew up on in a natural way. Poland has great traditions of actors taking part in it and naturally she referred to that. It may seem somewhat strange to open a file of music which is hermetically connected with a language which has such a rich structure and texture as slavic polish but a challenging enough lyrically - sonically seems very interesting enough. 
Grounded in white noise and plunges into micro-polyrhythmic synth marching, melancholical, expressive tracks with beautiful Asia's voice trotts a foxtrot of form&function which we might choose to enjoy even if we not necessarily understand polish. Polyrhtmic can be often polytextual and polysylabic as long as we approach it in proper way.
Understanding polish poetry and citing Białoszewski's experiments with it - full of neologisms, deconstruction, its natural beat and onomathopeic landscape opens itself on this album in most of extraordinary ways - the richness of music, wittiness, its minimalistically sparse yet greatly composed cuts - this is the way Asia introduces us to her own world through understanding of her inspiration - Miron.


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