Frode Haltli "Vagabonde Blu"

Frode Haltli is a renowned, classically trained accordionist, well known from his releases on Hubro label. Great musical background and multi-faceted approach to acoustic instrument give him every right to set a different course onto the vast terrain of contemporary music - as accordion is an instrument that can open gates to many genres and styles - Haltli seems an actor who fills up the whole scenario.
It's his fourth album which he releases under his own name, presenting works of Scandinavian composer Arne Nordheim and two Sicilian composers - Salvatore Sciarrino and Aldo Clementi.

Frode largely works with the natural acoustics of the place he records which is clearly heard in the first piece where the resonating reverb of the room is astounding, at the same time the dynamics is on the verge of self-cmbustion but the experience he has drives him to completely balanced control of all the parts. Title composition by Scarrino is simply a miasm of sonorous outburst, aggressive, yet very much organised into the movements balancing the whole.
The second track which is Nordheim's flashing is a different story - the narrative seems to be more homogenous and linear, the acoustics being drawn to the fact that the single sound can be modulated in so many ways and pose a question to what is next, acting as a counterpoint of a unnerving drone phase.
The last "Eines kleines..." by Clementi has a very tonal quality about it and also very linear, not spoilt by anything of a more extravagant dealing with the technicalities - simplicity in a pure form.
Excellent album by an excellent musician.


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