Mantras of Bön by Phurpa

Phurpa ,which is self-setting scale phenomenon has set a course on a journey that we might think would be rather way too obviously self-referential and easily pushed to the limits of a genre of meditative music.
Most of the music that this album contains is deeply rooten in Bon tradition, the shamanistic tradition of Tibet that thrives until today merged with dzogchen philosophical flux. Vocal and yet electro-acoustic without any exaggeration repeats but not necessarily re-invents this ancient and sacred music. On the contrary the live shows are completely different, they remind me of some rituals who would be on the pair with late Jerzy Grotowski's shows - very intense and in a way brutitstic, primeaval and devoted of anything that we call " an entertainment". Not even a flinch of hedonism - embellished and intense as hell with a journey to the core of the sound.


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