Decoder Ensemble

Without any doubts there is a certain amount of need for re-defining the shape of contemporary music and musicianship in the world of ever-changing paradigms where things go a little bit astray and not necessarily feel like something fresh. As it may seem things are not necessarily great with the innovative aspect of free-improvised music where the idea of music is way too much veiled in the sublayers of theoretical stance which doesn't really help the actual energy.
Decoder tries quite successfully I must say to toy with the idea of how things can be altered by the fact of choosing the stance of location and the way of conducting or performing pre-composed, half-improvised movements.
I was a bit taken aback but quite positively I must say by the form of this material where I expected a sort of V.A. compilation but instead of that I got a combination/an amalgam of materials recorded by different artists.
Alexander Schubert with his hardcore/free jazz influences blends cameralistic approach with clubbing wizardry. Burkhard Friedrich explores the idea of jingle and muzak using live instruments. Jorge Sánchez-Chiong on the other hand helps himself out with a Maelstrom of sound massacre.
The idea of a band failed many times in terms of experimental music. Decoder reshapes it with new flavour... really worth listening!


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