How to sum up and summarise the work of somebody so active that you would need to re-define your approach not only to the process of composition but also the instruments and their use itself? Seems quite difficult especially because of the fact that Kenneth Kirschner is quite elusive and his work as it is poses lots of questions not only on systematical and formal level.
This set of recordings which cannot really be easily classifiable as "Best of" or collected works project. His involvement in not only proper records and projects but musical movements(!) of art history importance.
Strings embedded in electronic modifications and an array of approaches which helps to see his vast room of experience as something which is more of a becoming rather than stuff that is settled and steady helps to understand why it is not preserved in academia and both underground clichee.
With added value of 180 pages edited notes by Thobias Fischer there is more than just a string of thought that dwindles in the line of reasoning and over-intellectualised poetry of aburd.


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