ANDI STECHER austreiben / antreiben

Andi is a seriously original voice in modern underground arty experimental music - not only talented percussionist and composer of experimental music but also a crafty self-made man exploring anthropology and ethno-musicology in his own original way.
Traversing traditional ethnic music into experimental terrain has never been easy for the sake of shallowness of the experiment when it comes to the structure and analysis of the core and source inspiration - its own character. Andi gives us a hint of temperimenting the music with truly shamanistic approach with depth and width of the experiment and mobilising the moments when we actually don't differentiate between exploring and creating new idiom.
What strikes me as well is the wonderful approach to tone and sound itself, I haven't heard such a fresh sounding experimental album - I mean both the production and the echos of music that we might recognise but stands on the shoulders of dreams -forgotten but now - re-enacted, re-invented, re-dreamt...


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