Księżyc ‎– Rabbit Eclipse by Penultimate Press

Księżyc has been a legend of Polish independent music for over 20 years. Remembering how much influential it was along with other projects from invaluable Obuh records stable made me think of all those years when I tried to get the importance of some elusive spirit that enshrouds this phenomenon of not only music as it is but a phantom of something more than that. A sophistication of locally related musical context that is elevated to an idiom of outgrown meaning that a music can have - way beyond the limitations and naive hermetism of the blade that so many projects that are linked to ethnic music fall into.
Księżyc comes back thanks to Australian from Melbourne, active in London, Penultimate's Press Mark Harwood who encouraged them to record after actually re-realising their debut twice(!) on vinyl. Much seeked by the enthusiasts.
Here it comes - newly re-invented in a shape of psychodelic and experimental cabaret - melancholical and not an inch of trivality or a hum of secure preservation of former glory.
It lives on, moves on, touches on - might be a bit too incomprehensible through the language that English speaking listeners might not understand - gives an outlet of deepening play of dreamy mirage and yet something more - existential and pecularity that has no even quality in today's experimental and independent music.
Dwelve into it!
It's worth...


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