Sub Rosa, an editor and publisher of diversity and versatility is exposing Hugo Race and Catherine Graindorge in their new album " Long distance operators"
Hugo has left Australia long time ago, helping Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and then running his own True Spirit and Fatalists project - he is an eponymous symbol of existential, low-tone singer/songwriter tone of guitar sound - bluesy and melancholic, ripped apart and put together with his sombre, sturdy non-virtuoso guitar craft. In his long time career spread over almost 4 decades he had the ability to open himself up to new environments, travelling extensively and finding great musicians to collaborate with. Catherine, from Belgium, is primarily known for her work with Nox, John Parish, Monsoon or Andrea Schroeder. She composes music for film and theatre.
They collide together - Catherine's violin and Hugo's guitar with a bit of electronic sounds and orchestration putting us into recollective, insightful mood. Quite touching actually!


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