Mirt& T.E.R. "Bacchus, where are you?"

Mirt and T.E.R. used to run together One Inch of Shadow along with Cat Sun label which left us with good couple of releases which actually were just an invitation to fully developed structure, form&function of the present shape of things.
Not eluded by, not myrrhed by, not taken away, not falling into a platitude of a modular synth lingo both partners of crime seem to be rather experienced in traversing the ethnic cleansing of rhythms and droney ambient of the highest ranks into modalities of granular synthesis.
They are quite aware of the fact that there is more to the medium than the actual message and tread along the path that may be well-trodden but in their case it's not a stereotype at all.
Approaching the newest album finely released as CD/LP/DL makes me think of some other issues of quite a philosophical and anthropological nature. The quite simple reflection on the triviality of entertainment pursuits that are somewhat turned into the modality of a different spectrum in modern culture. The primeval law of joy that is somewhat mangled in the construct of marketing strategies. The simplicity led astray and the square root of the overall design of life.
For now - let the pious joy commence


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