ORPHAX - Warschauer Straße

Orphax is Sietse Van Erve and as he blatantly exposes himself as an ambient drone artists I have to admit he has some nice aces up his sleeves and couple of surprises.
The long minimal art tradition or an idiom as we can call it has quite a lot to do with either the theory of sound art or location-related music events that to me are nothing short of a very specific type of psychogeography.
Orphax takes this lead into his exploration of sensual dissonance that can help to feel deteriorated of time and space still being in the compound of this coil.
Warschauer Straße is a sensory trip mingled with memories and static sound of a journey that doesn't take place without falling into a limbo of placement and particularity.
The memory spins into subtle drone of evolving pulsation - two long strata of music - striped into pieces of exploratory postcards.