MIA ZABELKA Cellular Resonance LCR009

Mia Zabelka shoots again with a new album entitlted "Cellular Resonance" released by Little Cracked Rabbit on a cd. 
A highly impressive bio of a female artist with Jewish, French and Czech roots that has collaborated with luminaries of Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, Robin Rimbaud, Lydia Lunch, Dälek, John Zorn, Alexei Borisov, Electric Indigo, John Russell, Maggie Nicols and Elliott Sharp. Intensively and extensively playing live, doing workshops, curating events.
The new cd is somewhat interesting twist towards almost biological aspect of her playing - a break from comatose freeze of metabolic process which co-relates easily with force of both gender, human aspect of her playing as well as the composition process on this one.
Aided by Lydia Lunch on production and composer's aspect of her recent work, Mia steers to a powerful resonance of possibilities of the acoustic instrument entangled in a loop of guitar effects creating clean cut wall of sound - somewhat subtle yet drilling the bones and eardrums in most vulnerable spots.
How everything can be revolving around dots on a mind map and spots of the mystery machine of reflection?
Is it the droning peripatetic stray of it that takes us places?
Is it our time and space derivation?
Is it the ibid of a single note expanded in the multitude?


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