Orga by Sum Of R

Sometimes the best examples of a thriving genre comes from composers that actually - at least it feels this way - wanted to create something that was supposed to be simplistic to the bone and was just about to turn out as something quite in a way of a pastiche. In other words - true atmosphere and genuine passion that music can bleed with comes often as a surprise, something unprecedentedly unconstrained and natural.
It's also the perception of the listener who always has some sort of preset expectation pack compressed in the mind that may limit itself.
Approach this album as a drone post rock doom metal whatever - you will loose your senses in genuine mystery ambient with sensual melodies and intonations that have depth of a doom stoner distortion without it. The suspense of background drums giving the foreground of the string section(?).
Unassuming and unpretentious design of the production that let you believe in it and feels like you want to come back to it. Filtered through the sensitivity of an experimental music with poignant tension.
A world to explore. 


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