Philip Jeck - Iklectik

It's highly surprising when you analyse Philip Jeck roots dating back to Dartington school where Jeck spent his 1980's. He used to dj there and looking how he utilises the same tools but as the shape of his current work strays away from the dancefloor makes you think how much needs to be done to expose the emotional rustic resonance of old vinyl records and the spectralism of it.
Jeck's music although based in vinyl record medium strays away so much from the quickness and rapidness of hip hop scratch - his drone ambient base - which is his landmark - uses phantasm of imagination and transposes glitch of a vinyl scratch or elusiveness to create the landscapes of something more than just sound design gimmicks. It achieves aural resonance of the orchestra using different means.
His new album released by Touch on 22nd of September helps to understand how to beat through the path of clichee ambient drone with a sensitive and reactive twist of intellect that can create more than just a soundscape - it guides you to create your own understanding of where you are.

Philip's Bandcamp
Touch page with the link to the album


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