10 questions with Marina Vesic ( Black Marine)

              An Interview with composer and avantgarde artist
                             Marina Vesic (Black Marine)

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1.People who compose or improvise within a framework of modern contemporary improvised experimental music cite some experiences with music or in their life as the factor of inspiration? What about you? How did it start with making music in your case?

Since my childhood, I was surrounded by quality music. I grew up in a healthy environment where I had a freedom of expression in the arts. As a composer and performer (pianist), I think everything comes from piano (as I am a pianist as well). Piano is my big love. Experimental music inspire me to compose something new, every time! As in my home was large range of music styles, from classical to rock, today I become an avant-garde artist. So, it is not a coincidence that I am writing a PhD dissertation about David Bowie, Lourie Anderson...

Improvisation is important to me because I can right away express my emotions through music, thoughts…make experiments. On the other hand, the process of composition is complex and requires more time in writing scores. I do both, of course. It is also the same process in electronic music, you need so much time for a right sounds, mix and producing…In past few years I am more focused on the stage and live performances both as Black Marine or in my band 2 TOTEMS. Also, I do have live performances with colleagues from Vienna and together we made experimental performances there.
 As experimental music inspires me, it gives me freedom in expressing and performing in general and thus I do.

2. The world is going through probably one of the worst moments of history, rather than the end of the world I think we are about to enter a new dimension of thought. what moves you going out of bed every morning? What are your thoughts on the status quo of things?

Each epoch has something good with it, so I think that this is the time of a NEW AGE for the arts in general. We live in a time when everything is instant and available, but it does not detract from a value to art nor consider that it is now more difficult than before. Music needs time to be known and to be valued, and marketing is very important for this.
Powered me the love of the process of life, and every morning I'm thankful that I'm alive and healthy, then I can do anything.
Status quo? LOVE & STAGE. Each morning I have in my head:"When I have a concert, when will I be on stage again, when is a rehearsal...?" - that is who I am, and every time is excited and beautiful.

3. How does your music resonate with your personal philosophy ? Do you try to separate sociological/philosophical aspects from your music, leaving it rather to a vast terrain of associations generated by a listener's mind?

The music I compose is a reflection of my thoughts, feelings and listener can find its own way how to feel my music. I do not have need to impose any personal philosophy through the interesting offers to gained listeners.
I do what I love and what makes me happy, and when the audience likes it, then of course the greater the pleasure. For example, in November 2014, I had a world premiere of my avant-garde Opera "Sea of Moons" at The Contemporary Music Festival in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and there I got very good reactions. As I said, new age is coming, what ever it means.

4. Nature vs. Culture. Who is an artist?

We are a creatures by mother nature and she is at the top of the pyramid.
Nature is above all.
I do not think there is antagonism. Culture is a broad term activities that enrich the man as a creature of nature and gives him a chance to express himselves, to be happy in it, and at the same time to mark a period of a time by the existence and actions.

5. How would you describe the masculine or androgynous aspect of creativity and relate it to your work?

Earlier composers were mainly men, women were in the background. I am glad that there are more women composers, and they are very successful in creating art in all areas - especially among composers. Being a good artist is a gift, and a lot of work. It is no longer the question of gender equality, especially today. Gender does not determine in advance the power of creativity, there are many factors that are outside.

6. Imagine you can create your own island including your dreams, emotions, positive projections. How would it look like?

The issue involves a complex answer. On the first place is music that would be dominant in one complex, creative atmosphere and infrastructure. That would be an island of happy people, simply artistic island as a part of nature.

7. Interaction with other musicians - what is important for you to make a collaboration a worthwhile quality?
 Cooperation with other artists is nowadays necessary, to complete projects requires a lot of artists, their synergy, and all it takes art to a higher level.
I have a lot collaborations and every time it brings something new. My latest collaborations are with Microchip Junky and our track has been premiered on BBC Tees with Bob Fisher, this July with a piece "Hope", and new album will come out by the end of this year. Also, my collaboration with Deadlights and Keith Whitham, so far we did EP "Balkan Dances"; right now we are in process to publish new album. I also composed original music for one experimental movie by amazing artist Walter Fini, with whom I have also collaboration works and one album in progress…and also new album with Craig Manga where I sing (that is my debut in singing). Every time a progress of collaboration in a compositional process and it's beautiful achievement.

8. Can you relate yourself to any kind of esoteric understanding of your creative process?

I feel that my music has been accepted among the lovers of contemporary music, broadcasted by many radio stations in the world, reactions on a social networks are good, the path is not easy, there is lot of pressure from outside and also a lot of sacrifice…it takes time ... but I am satisfied with my accomplishments so far. I go further..every time!

9. What does "peace" means to you?

Being in harmony with yourself and do things that make you happy. All we need is LOVE, in general.

10. How do you communicate with the idea of musical development in the years to come?

Art is developing in relation to the development of social circumstances.
My work style is original, composer should be consistent with himself and in harmony, to extent possible and necessary to social circumstances. The future of music is contemporary connected with electronics, which I do. Electronic music took place, it is just a question how it should be presented to the audience. That, depends of an artist himself.

At the end I would like to mention a support from Tom Byrne and RAUG TV, Keith Whitham (Wired), Evan Carr (The Art of BLEEP!), Troy Masters and E-Con group, Craig Manga (Sine FM) and Rick McClure (Rick "The Rock" Radio Host 1670-am San Antonio)

Miss Marina Vesic is a contemporary composer and avant-garde artist. She record as Black Marine but also she is a  founder of post punk band 2 TOTEMS.

 New debut CD What If - Marina Vesic link:
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