Arturas Bumšteinas - Uniforms BÔŁT • BR 1003 • luty 2009

1. Esperantosound 5:22
2. This Uniform 21:10
3. Glockenspiel 20:17
4. Second Sequentina 14:20
5. Visa 9:10

as we read about the artist from his bio:
Works as sound and visual artist. In sound field Bumšteinas has completed number of musical scores for different instrumental ensembles and orchestras, released 9 albums of electroacoustic music (in Lithuania, USA, Denmark, Ukraine, Canada, Spain, Netherlands), directed multicollaborative project Antiradical Opera with writer Jesse Glass and more than 20 persons from all over the world, curated collective mix event titled Mixthemixthemix, founded laptop Quartet Twentytwentyone which is devoted to performances of graphical notation scores and many more activities... Bumšteinas appears in festivals and concerts of experimental music all over the Europe (and US) where he performs his sound works via the electronic and acoustic sound medias. As visual artist Bumšteinas started to work together with artist Laura Garbštienė. In the fall of 2002, during the exhibition Parallel Progressions 3 in Vilnius‘ Contemporary Art Center they founded G-Lab duo, which was devoted to video art, audiovisual installations and performances. From the year 2002 Bumšteinas participated in a number of exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, represented Lithuanian contemporary art together with other active artists from several generations. Besides of continuous artistic work in G-Lab, Bumšteinas also did collaborations with such artists as Simon Wickham-Smith, Jeff Surak, Jesse Glass, Borut Savski, Max Reinhardt, Rytis Mažulis, Anton Lukoszevieze, Antanas Jasenka, Antanas Kučinskas... Bumšteinas is an organizer of the first-ever serie of experimental music events in Lithuania based on the concept of open mixer and simultaneous participation. Lives and works in Vilnius and Warsaw and is represented by ANTJEWACHS gallery in Berlin.

With such experience You can expect really good work going on. And indeed the album is set to be very elaborate piece of work which amuses the listener from the first point to the the last one. Diverse yet very selective the tracks are. The album seems to have the features of a compilation which indeed it is. Glockenspiel for instance was a track ready to download on a netlabel.
What characterizes the style of Arturas is minimalism with very rich array of sounds in the background which sounds extremely well as you get the feeling that arranging the pieces takes loads of work which is well-appreciated here.
The album is quite long but I get the hunger for more...


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