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Bardoseneticcube was formed in summer 1998. The most precise definition of their music is surrealism: "pure psychic automatism willing to express the real functioning of the reflection either orally or written, or in any other form. Dictation of mind without any control from the intellect, outside of any aesthetic of moral considerations". During it's lifetime the project has released more than 20 albums in Russia and abroad, took part in various compilations and festivals. Bardoseneticcube was involved in several sound installations. The project's live shows are usually supported by video which is considered the integral part of the performance. This is always improvisation in which both listeners and acoustic characteristics of the space are involved. The live sound stylistically varies from techno-shamanic trance to the baffling harsh-noise and electro-acoustic experiments. Application of the original sonic "system" and psychoacoustic apparatus allows the band to achieve the unbelievably wide frequency range, from infralow to ultrahigh. The project members professionally and with dilettantish persistence extract sounds from everything that can sound: computers and contact mics, ethnic instruments and electronic processing, water and field recordings, all this happens during conducting pseudo-magickal rituals and materializes in surreal sonic pictures which don't have any relation to music, both in ordinary and "not ordinary" meaning of this term. Or maybe they are just pulling your legs...

Nice soundtrack-type kind of music based on synth drones mingled with vocal stuff. Genre? hard to say. Surrealist- yes! Ritual chants, very dense layers of sounds - soemtimes feels like you are being attacked by it - but not in a noise way.
but if you expect something Nursey it is something different. Soundtrack for taiga psychodelic trips. I am wondering why this guy hasn't been hired for some documentary about flora and fauna. Would suit very good.

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