Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass [Sweden | 2009 | Release The Bats Records]

Compilation of older, out of print releases. Limited to 500 copies>

1. Untitled (5:03)
2. Untitled (2:23)
3. Genocide (4:57)
4. Maggot (4:57)
5. Untitled (4:48)
6. Borre Fen / Untitled (17:26)
7. Untitled (4:40)

Listening to this piece evoked a really deep and dark stuff in me as I was turning into a monster bat. A complete set of tracks which can be used a s a soudtrack for burning your skin alive. There's something interesting in it though as I look at my past years in high school makes me think of all these classic metal bands that were supposed to be terrifying and doom gloom... what appeared to be rather poor manifestation of senseless egotical plays of stupid black metal fuckers...and yet I always strived for a material devoted of stupid shitty ideology giving a real deal chance of deep and extreme sounds. Actually this is a real deal stuff where the technology is not just an excuse for doing something which may sound professional but lacks the vision. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer uses an echo of a metal riff boiling it alive in a stir fry of droney noise tumbling down like an avalanche....real deal!