Kouhei Matsunaga & Niko Skorpio - split CD Deserted Factory 2004

There's a really nice idea behind this split which is actually a sort of compilation at least for Kouhei Matsunaga. we ahve a great deal of his works with other musicians here Koyzeu, Frans de Waard, Raionbashi, Phroq, Lasse Marhaug, Mattin, Zenial, Carols Giffoni to name just a few. A great idea indeed which gives a good perspective of how diverse a music can be even if it goes in the same direction or genre. Temperature of this melting pot is just what it should be. And experimental style of it is also very intriguing - I don't want to fall just under one point of naming it as industrial/noise/ambient/drone labels which is a shitty thing to do. A masterclass for a bored with repetitive stuff...
as for Niko Skorpio - 5 tracks of really introspective atmosphere- spoken word mixed with speed cut-ups sampladelia which don't involve the usual analogue techniques. Reminds me of Robin Fox and Anthony Pateras improvisations but here it is more distinguishable, not dipped in noisy overloads, dense and quite raw yet very transparent. get to work Niko we want more!!!!!
available at www.newnihilism.com


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