Rez Epo "Xazau"

author's info:
37 minutes of psychedelic noise/ambient. Second full-length release of this Polish project.
DVD box, xerox covers on color paper, spraypainted cdr, inlay
Price: 3$/2 Euro/10zl
Shipment: 4$ worldwide/2 Euro /5 zl
Paypal to: konrad[dot]materek[at]gmail[dot]com

I know Konrad since I guess 2 years almost which is a pretty good period to see how a young musician and his interest evolve. Derived from DIY noise ethos "Xazau" makes a leap into more harsh and obscure sounds. Which has its ins and outs. What doesn't encourage me to listen is the monotonous sound design which is an obstacle in dwelving deeper as you might already know what the tone will possibly be. I guess Konrad's aim was achieved more or less - which is to get the sound as natural as it is. But what the material lacks is a good piece of narrative, which I guess he will work on. Keep on sweatin' dude!!!


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