Violet - Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers CD By Zeromoon

Jeff Surak a.k.a. Violet has been active for so many years that it's really difficult to count numerous projects he has been involved in so far. Active also as the label owner - Zeroomoon and an organiser of Sonic Circuits festival.
"Violet Ray Gas and the Playback Singers" has been released after a while of being occupied in some other projects and in life of every artist there is also a time for a solo expression.
First thing is the cover which is vintage and obscure piece of art which is a postcard from Soviet block country possibly Romania or Bulgaria. Dark and grey tone of it makes me think about my childhood and a dream trip. It also gives this extra context to Jeff's family roots.
As for the content - whatever you call it - it is revolving around drone music, using radio frequencies and light touch pad of samplers, using field recordings and pieces of composition. Dark but yet very delicate and subtle, private...boosts me up. Thanks Jeff...

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