Vinter | cs158

Creative Sources 158 Martin Kuechen Ernesto Rodrigues Guilherme Rodrigues Carlos Santos “Vinter”
#1 mörkertid

Martin Küchen - alto saxophone
Ernesto Rodrigues - viola
Guilherme Rodrigues - cello
Carlos Santos - electronics

I always wonder what should I do with yet another cd from such prominent artists as the ones that appear on this cd? Should I give it a shallow praise just  because of their status or merely to the extent of their possibilities as musicians.
Well believe it or not I always try to get as much as it’s possible from the material given.
With “Vinter” there’s something I cannot put out in a way that I would be satisfied with – what I mean there’s certain degree of passion in their play which is far away from intellectual debris I have to go through when reviewing such cds. Passion and emotions which isn’t borrowed from anybody. Scraps bits and pieces of Rodrigues family sound mingled with yearn and pain of Kuechen’s alto give a foreground to Santos abstract percussive electronics.
Is there anything new in it? And what is the direction that this kind of music goes to – I guess it is just a matter of choosing your own path in accordance with intuitive, emotional shape that you give to what you create.


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