Innercity Ensemble "II"

Prompted by an excellent concert of the ensemble in London, I couldn't wait till they will release a new album. Suffice to say there are two of them at a time. Something that grasped my attention again is that the blend of all those elements that individual members represent stems from the fact that there's a very unique kind of understanding between them that rarely happens between the free improvised musicians who tend to amalgamate their original character into a musical event rather than a structure of well composed material.
Two sides of the story this time - and definitely two different profiles.
White side tends to be an amorphic and atonal squirmish scream of mid-range frequencies which largely tend to oscillate as they build up a wall of sound with based on heavy guitar work and rattling sound of drums and percussion and wailing voiceover of the trumpet slowly progressing into a more mellow mood in track two which thanks to Rafał's percussionalia has a slight tenderness of micro-tonalism and nostalgic guitar of both Kuba and Artur.
Black side preserves a more tonal way of diciplining the individual patterns and inputs, it definitely has a soundtracky feel to it and keeps all the tones afloat on th firm base of dialogue between drums and guitar. Soft touch of melodious swirl and palette of the colours they acquire by limiting themselves to introduce and develop the tonal qualities of the themes they worked out in the studio brings a really unique blend of post rock improvisation with poetry of the trumpet which evolves from obvious MD's connotations to vast terrains of surreal extra and electronic background and two percussive gems of Tomek Pop and Rafał Iwański.
An honest punch of modern music composed with forceful energy of disdain and its own original voice.


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