Red Fire Dark by Snoqualmie Falls

Jeff Stonehouse teams up with Alicia Merz, a New Zealander vocalist in a great duet of exploding subtleness.
Jeff and his Listening Mirror project has become to me a trademark of great guitar work which creates ambience of unusal delicate form. And what is more, amidst the crowds of ambient making DIY bedroom composers he has a very distinct style which is rather difficult to achieve when you think of ambient as a genre of easily spoiled shape with many to make it pompous and shallow.
Alicia's vocals gave an ethereal feel to already deep postcard of delayed textures that Jeff creates with his guitar. Slowly evolving through the mist of layers of hum and soft buzz of guitar density.
Altogether with a stylish retro cover to me this small output of vast room of potential gives a a psychogeographical quality to it. I am a sucker for the mood of the places and the mystery behind the yesteryear's leaves and that's what is here. Evocative and yet so direct so it goes...


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