The nature of habit prevails when it takes you months and years to build up a huge library of the found sounds and set yourself on a journey to use them in a composition that will transmutate it into something completely new.
Aleksandra who has released her new cd with polish ever expanding Monotype has built that kind of library. The contents of this box is highly flammable and it comes in may liquid colours of onomathopeic alphabet which is sure too short to give you just a hint what this magma is really about.
To me it's about a truly embracable palette of coulours and genres of cut-up techno drone movements in every track which provides you with a feast of innuendos and hospitable, dormant spaces to fill you with whatever you wish for. The movements are moving. Tracks are merely a subsequent ladder of the tensions, breathers and meditative stop-overs.
What beats me is that there is a high contagion to this music, I cannot drop it, coming back to back, on and on...It refuels me a strewth deal.


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