Aabzu "It came from outer space"

Maciej and Zenial are back with their new album and what I can say is being more and more happy about it.
It starts grandiously with a retro sci fi sample to introduce the pompous dark mood which then soon traverses itself into something of bitter- sweet nature - a bricolage of post-techno riddims with grimey substance of dark background passages. This time there's plenty of dubadelic plunges, dark pulses that feel like ring modulated outbursts of some vintage laboratory.
There's special hypnagogical quality to Aabzu's music but it strangely evolves into some interesting form of retrofuturism rather than just 8-bit psychodelia of obsolete technology that it might derive the usual inspirations.
Maciej and Zenial, as they are coming from two different musical backgrounds - cross-reference the parser of ambient andpost-techno making it on their own rules, enhanced by freelance way of dealing with clichees, never leave a trace of plagiarism which cannot be really present when the genre collides with genuine re-invention and idiosyncratic, well-analysed subject.
Great asset of both of them is that they're truly finding new idiom to what 2 generations of musicians have already achieved in the genre - they break it, crank it, rebuild it - you name it - but the energy that is present here will definitely push me to re-re-re-re-re-re-re-listen to it again and again.


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