Strom Noir "Urban blues"

Emil Mat'ko- Slovakian artist hits again. It's his 9th release and he is coming back in style.
"Urban blues" is a set of 8 track of droney post-rock feel that span between isolationist ambience to obscure experimentalism. There is a great deal of soundtrack to some psychogeographical terrain feel to it.
As with blues - a shimmering sounds generated by different sources - be it some grand piano or processed guitar - a steady sound base which defines the character of the sound that Emil establishes. It's almost classical ambient but it simply doesn't fall into some sort of conservative derivative as there are too many subtle nuances that he gets out of the rusty beast.
The more I listen to it the more I feel  that lyricism behind these tones is set to have some limit - there is no grimey post-apocalyptical sense of disaster in all this - some shades tend to be hues of vivid parole that intervenes with something less daunting. It just follows the soundscape of self-exploratory domain that Emil holds strong and stern as his own style. ANd quite astoundingly he does so...


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