Alessio Riccio – Ninshubar / From The Above To The Below

Alessio Riccio together with his friends - Hasse Poulsen on guitar and two ladies - Monica Demuru and Catherine Jauniaux in a shot of electroacoustic music with individual pattern, swing and sound.
Unorthodox Recordings which Alessio proudly manages is a free form project he has a very individual input into.
Ninushbar settled deep into Sumerian mythology sets the rhythmics of the material - the warrior style.
Twists of polyrhythmic experiments which are led by the percussion and percolating sounds of amplified guitar and prepared instruments along with the choir and whispering of the vox sizzle in a well orchestrated drama showing how much you can squeeze from the small ensamble of improvising contemporary music into creating a spectacle of sometimes pompously driven sonic summoning.
It's a very tricky and demanding listening - unpredictable and tonal/atonal, melancholical.frenetic spasm of crazy drive where all the elements find their own outlets and fit into a space between spaces.
At the same time it's kindda refreshing to see how much still can be done to free-improvised music turned out to be composed out of cracks and thumps, hisses, rattles, hums and paraphrases. Helluva ride


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