Hubert Zemler "Gostak&Doshes"

Newest set of solo compositions for drums and percussive instruments by Hubert Zemler show, I daresay, an accomplished artist, choice of a instrumentalist who blends different styles of experimental drumming with more narrative ethnic influences and even recurrence of the marching bands as well as more individual style.
Starting off with introductory and subliminal "Franciszek" he sets off for a course that is rather unpredictable both thanks to the improvisatory quality of his work but also because he limits himself only to what he can actually do in real time which is the usual case of chalenge but here opens the door to more surreptitious terrains. "Propolis" is imaginary rite of single instrument set into a position of filling the ambience. Followed by soothing "Variations on a theme by Suaves Figures - Figure 7" is even more tempting to realise how much Hubert can get out of the little rhythmical details and acoustic properties of the themes he plays on seemingly limiting means. "Dji" is on the other hand marchingly powerful, stepping stones towards epilogue - the re-occuring "Figure 2".  The last track is balance of all the elements here. Getting out the scenery of the tension elps to understand how much can be put into a single material. Great album!


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