Paweł Kulczyński whom I know from previous project called Wilhelm Bras comes back again with quirky and unpredcitable sonorous beaty and glitchy post-post-techno extravaganza. 
oh man, brother sister, sister brother. An elegy to the lightspeed form, a stream of consciousnesselongated, cut&paste into the moroidal form of trans-psychedelic gamelan of DIY synths, toys, and other data tracking devices set in the calleidoscopic soundtrack of everyman's life of terra nullis. Slavic syncopy of the thoughts that might lead you into abyss of frenetic synaesthesia that rarely misses the hit and opens itself to something more than just copying and pastin clichees, A baby of an ardous squirm and more firm grip xecond after second so rich in small glitchy details that it feels like a story of its own - anteater's glitch that would be probably the file.


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