Lawrence English and Werner Dafeldecker - Shadow of Monolith

A very atmospheric release by two moguls of electroacousmatic diversity. Lawrence English is a man of many faces - composer, media artist, curator based in Australia.His thorough analysis of such dilemmas as field, areas, perceving and memory helps him to create a full-blown fulcrum of ever expanding array of works which oscillate around almost alchemical transformation and make the space dormant with edgy experiences beyond any limitations that droney acoustic ambient sets.
Werner on the other hand is more rooted in European art tradition such as contemporary music notation, Fluxus, minimal art, free jazz and field recorded sound art.he is more induced by ever-expanding soundtrack to the paradigms of self-articulating scheme.
Their collaboration is a carefully produced amalgam of field recorded synthesis, almost inaudible sonosphere and creative thought.
It feels as if the ambience created ad hoc, steadied itself in frozen clique of mind connections, nails it with grimey atmosphere and unhesitantly trots into the big white freeze. A great blend of arty idea with natural forms of experiment.


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