Mesak "Howto readme"

To use live improvisation and create an only seemingly mashed-up material out of pieces that may remind lots of diffusional particles is quite a story.
Mesak is an example of how creative you can still be in the genre of warped electronics blending it with turkish and finnish vocal parts, glitchy beats and a rich texture of synthesized sounds. Hyperactive as is himself - involved in electro funk trio BMMB, caucasian rap battle fusion of Ya Toshiba and actively touring around Europe and Asia - remains a highly pro-active unit in the modern off-limit genre.
Genuinely innovative and high on energy Mesak uses all his skills to sound very unorthodox and surprises with the tone of his productions as he never repeats himself.
Suffice to say that this is a rare gem to hear that electronic post-techno experiments are still going on well.


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