Radian verses Howe Gelb

Radian hit me once with one of their first releases published by the original incarnation of Mego with what initially might feel like a bizzare amalgam of jazz(?) with genuinely inventive approach and micro-burst of electronics post-glitchy, untraceable as far as references concerns - unpredictable in its whimsical scale. Then they moved on to crystalising their creative method - a power trio how it might feel produced great albums to listen to enjoy and to recollect.
This time stance has changed. Howe Gelb who on a daily basis lives in Tuscon, Arizona came to join and made contributions be it acoustic or piano, electric strummed geeter - a living being of Americana infused squirm.Radian followed the case and supplied Gelb with their own material, scripts, bits and juice. 
Brandlmayr, Norman and Siewert have a very individual technique of composing sounds - the closest term would be a collage but this would be a sore blow and understatement. A carefully scoped sound terrain which has somewhat resonating structure lurks into the core of the sound - here it's even more deepened by the fact that the elements that Howe brought give it a feel of universality - how does a glitchy background combines with his unprocessed guitar - it all melts to shape of exuberance. It's fruitful and very interesting sound design put into the form of songs - wriggling slowly in a big bubble. Way refreshing!!!!


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