Sat Urn District Attorney by Fightbike

Fightbike is a truly stupendous and intriguing project run solely and exclusively by Shades Wade residing in Richmond, Virginia.
As such it may have been the case of the "outsider music" file but to classify it in this way would be a gross understatement. He is a manic workaholic and funnily enough hugely underrated musician and video artist who relates to many different idioms. His bandcamp page is filled with quality choice of albums he produces regularly in his studio who serves basically as a treasure chest and a sesame which opens its doors with a huge slam and bam.
Sat Urn District Attorney is an extraordinary amalgam of psychodelic guitar buzzy improvisation with heavy lining of idm, post techno rhythms which you can associate with such luminaries as Aaron Funk and solipsism of the dadaistic plunderphonic collage of tv/radio commercials.
The whole album soundsmore like a suite of straying cats on high dosage of plutonium infused drugs and literally re-invents the silver surfer towards the level of a vagabond freaking out by the thought of merging the worlds of known and unknown.
This is just a tiny slice that Shades presents and trust me he has a magnitude to offer. Dig this fella big time


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