Slalom "s/t"

Lado ABC is a local Warsavian record label that sets the standards of musical coctail that music scene in Poland serves non-stop without taking any breather. Hubert Zemler again with his hyperactive compatriots whom we know from Baaba collective - Bartosz Weber on guitar, laptop, sampler and Korg synth with Bartłomiej Tyciński on guitar, lap steel and antique russian Polyox synth.
With such huge musical background as each and everyone of Slalom has the expectations are obviously very high and I must say that self-discipline, quirky and absurd sense of humour are on the way to make it a success.
To cite this piece and classify it with an ear of an outsider would be an understatement and more of a underration of something such rich and country specific that I would probably have to write this review in some faded hue of adjective shit storm.
This really kicks y'a know. Compositions seem only to be improvised, whether they were or not I am not sure, It's always on the crossroads in between which definitely gives a great kick of spontaneous energy and something more of never ending self-actualisation, never undermined by egotistic voyages which are never a case of return. This is not this case.
Multi-faceted jazzy, experimental, ethnic drum base and the dialogue of the guitars with twirl of the electronics where I can spot some references to somewhat a goner 1990's/2000's electronica here just re-structuralised through academia of partisan improvised music idiom which is so much vainly goner too. So why the hell it all works. I guess the naturalistic approach and freshness of the team makes it creamy pie which rarely faces loss of energy and skips and potential boggy places which may have been well a preserved way to neo-jazz rock with all the part and parcel of modern influences.
Poland has been and will always be a place where the nature of music - an off-top synonym in this politically troubl riddled country - depends on how much the artists distance themselves towards the actual reality - be it in a form of well-stealth sense of humour or moving on into inner migration which never fails. And I must say - it's a huge relief to see the development of all the phases throughout the last 40-60 years of how experimental music there flows in its own beautiful way, knowing full well that I still may skip some downsides to the phenomenon.


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