Tańce Snu

India Czajkowska and Sebastian Madejski are the founding core of Tańce Snu project. Project that has so much to say in any given moment of the tracklist. Great mastering of instrumental abilities enhance the expression and inviting new members - Paweł Prochnowski on guitar, Adam Rozenman on percussives and Daniel Zorzano on viola da gamba is a welcome addition to already worked out scheme of working with others and micro-genre of their music.
Etheral transition from seemingly easy to predict instrumantal ambience towards the vocal led composition with live instruments of keyboards as the main source we may enter the tranquilising limbo that is both emotionally and somehow deeply spiritually soothing. The cross-referential derivative of sound ecology seems like a great inspiration. Experienced musicians dare more. The material positively surprised me in many ways - as a mature form of expression - showing versatility of all the musicians involved I have already known from other projects. And great breather in catalogue of Zoharum. Really worthwhile...


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