Villalog "Spacetrash"

The ordeals of many musical projects in order to crystallize their style and method of working together with members in many cases really depends on the inluences they share and the viewpoints of music as an outlet for what I call the shared experience of thoughts.
Villalog has a very steady background. "Spacetrash" is their 4th album and I must say  - truly wondrous piece of work.
Enhanced with not so obvious references to sci fi cinema and soundtracks - vide Godardian "Alphavile" with excellent production trip has many surprises.
As a fan of German krautrock and Kraftwerk, Spacemen 3 and post rock of 1990's and 2000's I cannot say that Villalog has something really unique to say but who has nowadays?
Very firm and stern themes with keyboards, guitars and drums ( Villalog has acquired Bernhard Fleischmann - their drummer- a bit later after starting off as duo) make me think of some soundtrack to non existent movie with really distinctive drive of acid trip, very dystopian, yet very polished.
Cool quality album.