Zeitkratzer plays Whitehouse

Zeitkratzer orchester strikes back with another gem - a live orchestral material of a power electronics classics - Whitehouse.
Such a dense and rich album. I was more or less expecting something unassuming, having already reviewed the album they have done for Lou Reed and his brill experimental album.
Facing the legend is always difficult when you think of it - sooner or later it might become something more or less self referential but Zeitkratzer finds a new context of this music - not only by travesting the Whitehouse tyrade of social crtique into an acoustic psalm but actually re-writes it again casting the protagonist of the show - renowned William Bennet into the act...
What we get is definitely worthwhile symphony of scratchy sarcasm of Bennet's nihilistic voyages into more academic shape - yet so thorny bit could not go into the re-polishment. It is simply to edgy not to leave any harm.
Striking chance to use the legend and reclaim it suceeded.


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