Wollscheid and Schreiner are two names that I knew before bearing in mind two earlier projects P16.D4 and S.B.O.T.H.I. they were involved in.
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.
The music although felt very good and has a very illustrative element which I think is greatly connected with Bernhard's affiliation with visual arts as well as art installations.
47 minutes of live composition which bears resemblance with many alikes but definitely is worth listening for little details and glitches, ambiences as well as the mastering of the individual skills of improvisation and crossing the border with actual composition.
It's not a new issue - where does the improvisation starts and where does composition starts. Here's an example of the actual body of work that helps with recognising and establishing some proper answers.
Subtle and nicely developing into microtonal squirm, only occasionally bursting out with some noise.
Almost a lullaby...almost...too good to be classified into one genre...


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